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Tamil Meanings For English Words

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English Word Tamil Meanings
What? Enna?
Which? Edhu?
How? Eppadi?
Why? Aen?
Where? Engu? (or) Engay?
Who? Evan? (or) Yaar?
When? Eppohdhu?
How much? Evvalhavu?
How many? Eththanai?
What price? Enna Vilai?
Which ic the truth? Edhu Unhmai?
How is the situation? Eppadi Nilaimai?
Why is it so? Aen Ippadi?
Where is he? Engae Avan?
Who is he? Yaar Avan?
When (is it) required? Eppohdhu vaendum?
What (do you) want? Enna Vaendum
Which (do you )want? Edhu Vaendum?
How (do you) want? Eppadi Vaendum?
Why (do you) want? Aen Vaendum?
Where (do you) want? Engu Vaendum?
Whom (do you) want Yaar Vaendum?
How many (do you ) want? Eththanai Vaendum?
How much (do you ) want? Evvalhavu Vaendum?
What (is) it? Adhu Enna?
Which (is) it? Adhu Edhu?
How (is) it? Adhu Eppadi?
Why (is) it? Adhu Aen?
Where (is) it? Adhu Engae?
When (is) it? Adhu Eppohdhu?
How much (is) it? Adhu Evvalhavu?
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