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Records In The Animal Kingdom

Animals too hold records! If cheetah is the fastest animal on earth and elephant is the largest mammal... these are some of the records that we often ignore.

Sea Horse:
Sea horse might get the name due to its appearance. Its head almost resembles that of a horse. But when it comes to speed... it can never be compared to a horse. In fact, Sea hose is the slowest moving fish in the world. A dwarf sea horse which belongs to the family of Sea horses can move at a speed of 0.01 miles per hour. This is around 50 feet!

Humming bird:
As the name suggests, the flapping of humming bird is audible as a humming sound for us. A humming bird would flap its wings around 50 times per second. They are the only birds with a unique ability to fly backwards. 'The Cuban bee hummingbird' is the smallest bird in our world. It can reach only two inches of size.

Beavers are seen to gnaw something forever! It's not out of a habit that beavers gnaw. They gnaw to wear off the excess of their teeth. Beavers belong to the animal family called 'Rodents' to which Rats and Squirrels are the other members. The incisors (fore teeth) of Rodents grows forever. The nature has provided them with such ability for cutting into the wood or a fruit. If the rodents don't gnaw to shorten their teeth, their teeth would grow out of proportions!

Bats are the only mammals that could fly. For a clarification, mammals are those animals that give birth to a live offspring and feed them with their milk. The wings of a Bat are not made out of feathers. Instead, they are like our hands covered with skin between the fingers. Bats are also known for their ability for 'Echolocation'. Bats would emit sounds and analyze the echo received back. They can recognize the objects in their path, their shape and size by analyzing the echo.

Ostriches too hold a few records in the animal kingdom. To start with, it is the largest bird! Some of them can weigh up to 150 kilograms! It also has the fastest land speed of a bird which could reach up to 70 kilometers per hour. That's faster than a horse. It also holds a record for bearing the largest egg. Their eggs weigh more than a kilogram on average.