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Stone Henge

We all have heard about the stone henge..
- But do you know why it was constructed and how!!!

- Stone henge was built in England in neolithic stone age.

- Neolithic age means the latest of stone age which is around 5,000 years from now.

- When massive stones are brought together in the shape of a circle, it's called a Henge! And thus the name Stone henge!

- The Stone Henge is surrounded by 30 huge stones. With almost 15 feet height and 50 tons in weight... these stones needed great engineering skills to be erected.

- Poles of timber were used as levers, and rope was used for pulleys to complete the task. It's amazing to find that some of the rocks were dragged from 300 kilometres to the site.

- Though the purpose of Stone Henge is uncertain, the presence of altars in the henge hints it of being a place to perform rituals.

- But a research by few scholars revealed the Astronomical importance of Stone henge.

- Some stones in the henge were placed in such angles where the first rays of sun would fall on them during midsummer and mid winter.

- So along with a ritual ground, there is no doubt that Stone henge might be a primitive observatory to study the skies.

- The skill with which this structure was built, and its precision to capture the journey of the sun will be admired forever.