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Everything about a snake

Snakes are perhaps one of the oldest surviving reptiles in this world. They are estimated to have been living from almost 100 million years on this earth.

There used to be a snake named Titanoboa which is considered to be the largest snake ever lived on this earth. It used to have a body with more than 40 feet in length and thousand kilograms in weight! But don't worry! Titanoboa has been in extinct since a long time.

Snakes don't have legs and so they make a jerking moment to push their body forward. Such movements in 'S' shape would give an opinion that snakes move faster.

Snakes don't have ears either. But they have some complex set of organs inside their head that are attached to the Jaw bones. These organs could let the snake hear through vibrations around its body.

You might have seen a snake with always a flickering tongue. Because, snakes could 'smell' the surroundings with their fork shaped tongues.

The teeth of snakes can't chew food. So they have to swallow their prey. The Jaws of the snake are built in such a way that they could swallow a prey that is bigger than their head. Snake could open their jaws up to a wide 150 degrees!

Snakes have eyes, but they don't have any eyelids to cover them. That means that snakes have to sleep with their eyes wide open.

There are around 2900 types of snakes in the world and... all of them are carnivores. Sometimes they have to bite their prey and disable them before they could feast upon them. This is the reason why some snakes are venomous. Such snakes have a pair of fangs to inject their poison.

Only twenty five percent of the snakes are thought to be poisonous. The venom of the snake acts differently according to the type of the snake and the amount of venom it contains. But most of their bites would act on our blood and nervous system.

Snakes are of course the most feared animals on earth by us. That is the reason why the phobia of snakes is the most commonly reported phobia in this world. Almost 1/3 people suffer with such phobia.

Some animals such as hedgehog, mongoose, and honey badger are known to be immune to the venom of snake. That is the reason why they could easily fight and kill a snake.