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Is it not a wonder to watch a city of 2000 years ago... as it is! That's POMPEII

- Pompeii is a port city in the Roman empire. It was founded in 8th century B.C. The river of Naples and the beautiful mountains led this city to flourish as a tourist resort.

- By first century A.D there were 20,000 people in Pompeii, with beautiful houses and grand villas to live.

- A massive earthquake was struck in 63 AD indicating that the volcano nearby is going to strike soon. But people didn't heed the warning.

- On August 24, 79 A.D. People saw a huge cloud hovering over the mount Vesuvius which is just a few kilometres away from the city. The cloud was as high as 12 miles into the sky.

- The cloud of volcanic ash then dispersed into the air chocking people to death. Many feared for their lives and began to run away from the city.

- For those who chose to stay back, made a deadly choice. Because the poisonous gas of sulpher stormed the city at 1600 degrees celsius. And that was followed by the tons of pumice stones rolling down the hill at 100 kilometres per hour.

- It took 24 hours for the disaster to settle and meanwhile, the city was filled with an ash upto 20 feet!

- As the ash settled down and was hardened by the rains. The city was presereved as it is, untill it was found again in 1748.

- The excavated city of Pompeii reveals stunning maturity in the town planning of ancient Romans. The town was perfected with paved streets, drainage system, an amphitheatre, gymnasium and a port.

- But the story doesn't seem to end. Scientists fear that Vesuvius might erupt again. And this time there are many modern towns like `Capri` around Vesuvius that might face the heat!