Knowledge Articles | 15 FUN FACTS ABOUT FISH


- Fish have been living on earth for millions of years. However, the present form of fish has first appeared Silurian period which is around 450 million years back.

- More than 33,000 species of fish have been identified by the scientists. But some 1,100 species among them are on the verge of extinction.

- Gold fish might have received its name due to the colour. But do you know that it would lose its colour when kept in a dark room!

- Whale shark is the largest specie among the fish. It can grow up to 40 feet in length and could weigh more than 20 tons.

- Paedocypris progenetica is the smallest fish on the face of earth. A fully grown fish in this species could reach only .41 inches. These fish are found only in Indonesia.

- Plastic bags that float on water can be a menace to fish. Large fish often think those glittering bags as jelly fish and would swallow them... leading to a suffocating death.

- Star fish neither have blood nor brain. They use their skin to gather information about the surroundings and their body is filled with filtered sea water.

- The most amazing fact about a star fish is that it could regenerate its lost arms. Further, a single arm can turn itself into a whole body.

- Every fish is not destined to be consumed by humans. Some like 'puffer fish' are highly poisonous that could lead to death and fish like 'Salema Porgy' could cause hallucinations.

- Most of the fish are cold blooded. Scientists have found one species that is fully warm blooded and its name is... OPAH.

- Synanceia verrucosa popularly known as the Reef Stonefish is considered as the most venomous fish in the world. It's called as 'Reef stone fish' as it hides among the reefs in the shape of a stone. The sting of a 'Reef stone fish' could cause pain paralysis and even death among humans.

- A group of fish is called a SCHOOL. There can be millions of fish in such School.

- Fish do not have eyelids and they have to sleep without closing their eyes. However Sharks are an exception to this rule.

- Fish might live in water. But they too can drown like humans. Fish have a danger of getting drowned if there isn't sufficient oxygen in the water.

- Sea horse fish is the slowest moving fish. The top speed of a sea horse is just 5 feet per hour.