The Basics of Etiquette

We all have heard the word etiquette. It's the behaviour that is expected when we move in the society. It might seem to be a complex subject. But a few basic principles deserve to be remembered and followed. Here are a few tips to be perfect in your etiquette...

- Thank you, Please, Sorry, Excuse me... are the words that should be used as per the situation.

- Never push a door and force your entry into a stranger's house. Press the bell or knock the door and wait till someone answers the call.

- Never interrupt the elders while they are in a conversation, unless you have a valid reason to do so!

- Mind your language: Never use an abusive word, though in the mood of frustration! It not only spoils a relation, but shows how uncivilised we are!

- Never ever comment about the physical features of someone (fat, lame, blind...). It really hurts!

- Greet your parents and teachers when you fact them. Talk to them in a polite way.

- Cover your mouth with a hand while sneezing or coughing. Say 'excuse me' after a sneeze.

- People would always observe our manners while we eat. Place a napkin in your lap before eating; eat slowly without making sound; don't litter the food around the place; ask to pass on the dish instead of grabbing it; leave the plate clean without any leftovers.

And that's it! You will be such a good kid to be admired!!!