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Interesting Facts About Fruits

- The branch in botany which deals with the study of fruits is called POMOLOGY. It comes from the Latin word POMUM! Sometimes Pomology is also called as Fruticulture.

- APPLES and PEACHES belong to the same family as Roses. It's called Rosaceae!

- Oranges are not the major supplements for vitamin C. There are lots of foods like Papaya, Broccoli and Pineapple contains huge amounts of vitamin C other than oranges.

- A fruit is a seed bearing structure while the other parts of a plant can be termed as vegetable. So the vegetables like Tomato, Eggplant and Cucumber are technically FRUITS!

- The world's largest fruit is the Jack fruit. And the world's smallest fruit is called Wolffia!
- Yubari Cantaloupe which belongs to the family of melon is the most expensive fruit on the earth. Cultivated on the Hokkaido island of Japan, these fruits cost 23,000 dollars for a pair. That is certainly EXPENSIVE!

- Japan also holds the record for the square shaped watermelons. The Japanese cultivate the normal watermelons in the boxes so that they look different and can be easily exported. But they come at a huge cost... which is 800 dollars per piece! - Apples float on water because of their density being lower than that of the water. 25% of apple is nothing but air. On the other hand, grapes have more density in their space than water... which makes them sink.

- In good olden days, the shells of watermelons were used to store water while travelling.

- Strawberries and Cashews share a unique character together. They have their seeds outside the fruit!

- People prefer to have watermelon in summer because- 92% of watermelon consists of WATER!